The Female’s Affairs Ministry wants Malaysia’s Home Ministry to accelerate the signing of an MoU on anti human trafficking to safeguard Cambodian Maids. Particularly maids. In that region.
Female’s Affairs Minister Ing Kantha Phavi on Thursday requested Malaysian Ambassador Eldeen Husaini Mohd Hashim during a meeting at the ministry.
A ministry statement said both sides had agreed on the MoU nevertheless its signing stalled in 2012.
“The MoU process continues to be postponed after 2012 because of several political issues in Malaysia,” the ministry stated.
It included that Ms Kantha Phavi is reluctant to send out more maids to Malaysia until the agreement be certified.

Ministry urges Malaysia to accelerate maid protection agreement

“The MoU is really important for both places which is going to protect Cambodian maids from labour and human trafficking in case it’s signed,” the statement said.
It declared in reaction, Mr Eldeen Husaini stated he is going to convey the petition to Malaysia’s Home Ministry.
On January twenty two. 2018, Labour Minister Ith Samheng declared the Kingdom was lifting a moratorium on mailing maids to Malaysia following speaks with his counterpart Dato’ Sri Richard Riot Anak Jaem.
In October 2011. The federal government imposed a moratorium on its citizens working together as domestic helpers in Malaysia because of reports of abuse by employers.

Mr Samheng stated he’d met with the Malaysian minister 3 occasions to go over the procedure of recruiting. Instruction as well as mailing the maids to easily perform.

“Today we discussed the process of selecting. Instruction as well as sending our maids and employees to operate in Malaysia. And we agreed by setting the day for delivering the very first team to function in Malaysia on June one this season through the brand new system.” He noted.
He added that based on official figures from Malaysia. Over 8,000 Cambodians had been working legally there as maids among others. This number dropped after Cambodia banned sending employees to Malaysia in 2011.

Khun Tharo, a programme coordinator for the Center for Alliance of Labor. Stated on Thursday, Cambodian workers perform in Malaysia in the farming and sectors in addition to maids.
He stated he promotes the Ministry of Female’s Affairs as well as the Malaysian authorities to complete the procedure of signing the MoU on anti human trafficking to the employees. Particularly Cambodian maids.

2017 Agreement

“Recently we recognized there are not any severe instances of Cambodian human trafficking victims in Malaysia but Cambodia demands other agreements and the MoU to safeguard workers there. “Mr Traro said.
He stated the scenario has considerably improved since the Ministry of Labour’s agreement to transmit employees again to Malaysia via recruitment agencies that promised to monitor their well being.

In 2017. The Ministry of Labour and Malaysia Association of Cambodian Maid Agencies signed an agreement on the shelter and welfare of migrant household workers.
There is a mechanism to see workplaces each quarter of the season by both countries’ companies. To ensure that employees love legitimate protection and really good welfare a statement. And then said the agreement provided provision and education of a cell phone for Cambodian maids. To speak with the families of theirs and also Cambodian authorities.

Finally about Cambodian maids

Additionally, it covered insurance for job accidents, with health insurance for employees before they begin the careers of theirs.
The Labour Ministry announced the names of seventy seven private recruitment companies approved to choose. Teach as well as send Cambodian workers to Thailand, Japan and Malaysia.
The companies include Top Manpower, Ung Rithy Group, Philimore Cambodia, Sok Leap Metrey and Phnom Penh Labour Supply, among others.

Cambodian Maids Ask Malaysia For A Protection Agreement
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