Dubai Student Organises Cricket Tournament to Promote Women

Dubai pupil organises cricket tournament to market females As a female that enjoys everything cricket, I was fed up with having enthusiasm for the sport but seeing that the focus was constantly on the boys’ group. And I discovered out I was not solely. The facilities and encouragement weren’t sufficient because of the quantity of females set join in. This gave me the concept to start’ Strike Such as a Girl’.

My motivation is to accentuate the amazing skill that we’ve, right here in the UAE, in which females are excelling within the sport.

So what exactly occurs in this particular competition?

6 teams played one another in a team format, with the top 2 teams in each team going by means of into the semifinals, and ultimately finals. The matches had 8 players on the area at a time and this was a ten over format. All of the 10 overs had 6 bowls.

Having secured sponsorships from top brands and also the event was endorsed and also sponsored technically by Emirates Cricket Board.
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Future desire With this particular year’s inaugural competition, I intend on continuing the competition as an annual occasion, and growing it to far more facilities, across more Emirates, with a greater quantity of matches to be played.

Individual journey For me individually, the individual that actually pushed me to follow this event was the mother of mine, Faiza Saadaat. When starting on this trip, the uncertainties & issues off that an initiative flooded the mind of mine, though she often reminded me the reason I’m performing this, and who I’m representing.

Without the advice of her, belief and motivation in me, this particular event wouldn’t were possible.

– The audience is a pupil based in Dubai.

Dubai Student Organises Cricket Tournament to Promote Women