“Emirates confirms that there’s no truth to the rumors spreading on social media which the airline is suspending all flights on seventeen March.”

New visa requirements meant to slow down virus outbreak Amid the global coronavirus pandemic, the UAE accompanied some other places around the planet by announcing on Saturday which they had been temporarily suspending entry visas to everybody except slots of diplomatic passports.

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“The ICA affirms the decision comes from the UAE’s serious sense of diligent efforts and responsibility in cooperation with various other places around the globe to battle the coronavirus pandemic and also endure it on going crisis,” the statement included.

The posting also provided a hyperlink to the recognized Emirates site, in which clients are able to book flights.

Emirates Airline

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288 folks are speaking about this particular Rumours of most flights back and forth from the UAE getting cancelled were additionally highly denied by Dubai Airports, that works each Dubai International as well as Dubai World Central airfields.

Both DWC and DXB carry on and welcome travellers from a selection of countries.”

Dubai Airports

DubaiAirports We are able to check that the rumours spreading on social media across the suspension of flights to & coming from the UAE are false. Both DWC and DXB carry on and welcome travellers from several nations. For the most recent info on airport activities visit http://www.DubaiAirports.ae


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Further cancellation of flights back and forth from Iraq, Lebanon, Turkey and Syria is placed to take effect offered by March 17.

The action doesn’t pertain to anybody who has been given a visa before that day.

Additionally, Dubai Airports confirmed the restrictions don’t pertain to passengers that are qualified for the visa-on-arrival – although could be subject to more screening.

The measure is going to go into impact on Tuesday (March 17), CNA noted.

The Level three advisory means that tourists from the affected areas which go into Taiwan is expected to self quarantine for fourteen days.

Emirates nevertheless operated flights to and also from Taiwan on Sunday (March fifteen) but issued a news release in the evening saying that in lighting of the traveling restriction as well as relevant quarantine necessity, the air carrier will suspend its Taipei Dubai path on Monday until more notice.

The commercial airline also reported it doesn’t charge for refunds or maybe flight changes.

Emirates Won’t Suspend Flights Amid UAE Visa Suspension
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