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The College of Applied Technology and Science

The College of Applied Technology and Science

Every season, the College of Applied Technology and Science (CAST) recognizes several of its best alumni by induction within the CAST Hall of Fame.

The interest of his in technology started in school that is high in which he was offered the chance to attend programming courses through a partnership with a neighborhood junior college. Cyphert graduated by using Illinois State Faculty in 1981 with a bachelor’s amount in applied computer system science & some in business.

Over the next 6 years, he mastered the technical elements of the commercial airline scheduling as well as fare computations as a coder analyst; the benefits of quality, stressed while “on call” on weekends and nights; and through great mentorship, the importance of constant learning. During that period, Cyphert made an MBA at Loyola Faculty, and by means of his MBA system, became aware of possibilities in the management consulting field. washing machine repair Dubai

In 1988 Cyphert joined up with Touche Ross, right now known as Deloitte. Deloitte supplied him with huge opportunities to learn: other industries as well as organizational design, process and, change management and acquisitions, mergers, operational transformations and large-scale systems and business models. In 1998, he was mentioned into the Deloitte partnership, and more than the following eleven years, he served clientele in the financial services sector.

In 2008 Cyphert joined up with among his client’s businesses, Protective Life, as chief info officer. 3 years down the line, he was encouraged to chief info and operations officer. Also, he plays a key role from the organization’s mergers as well as acquisitions corporation.

He resides in Naperville, Alabama, Birmingham and, Illinois. Cyphert and the wife of his, Judy, have 2 daughters, Elizabeth and Michelle.